Herr Dr. Jürgen Wente provides sound legal advice for innovative and creative companies for more than 35 years as a lawyer in Munich. His many years of legal consulting practice have therefore led to a considerable broadness of the consulting spectrum. The experience gained in the process can be helpful in any consulting situation.

An important experience is that even a lawyer who is well prepared and competent in legal matters cannot give sound legal advice if he does not really know and internalize the life facts at stake. For only in this way can the goals of good legal advice be achieved, namely:

  • to find practical solutions to complicated, even contentious problems on a legally sound basis, so that the client achieves or can achieve its goals,
  • to draft and to negotiate contracts until they are ready for conclusion, contracts which – despite their complexity – still are comprehensible and deliver what they promise: Contracts are also called agrements because the parties want to agree on their joint targets, and
  • to help avoid disputes where they can be avoided, to clarify legal boundaries and, if necessary, to enforce the law in court.

Areas of Expertise